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Endoscopic Wellness Center of America

Medical Wellness Facility located in Reston, VA

    1. The change in me is unbelievable!

    2. Andrew Verified Patient

    1. This was the best decision of my life!

    2. Ileana Otero Verified Patient

    1. My goal was to lose at least 15 lbs. in the first month and I achieved it.

    2. Tiara A. Haynie, CMA Verified Patient

Recent Reviews

Angel J. (03/27/2023) ★★★★★

Dr Blosser is awesome and so is his team! From day one of consultation they have shown such care and concern. They have such great patience with educating you and supporting you in your journey. I had my procedure last Thursday for the Tore B and as of today Monday I have lost 20 pounds and have tons of energy. The app with the scale and watch they give you is very easy to use and is a great way of tracking and keeping educated and in contact with the staff!! Thanks to Dr Blosser and his team I have been given a second chance at living a healthy life!!

Christina B. (02/24/2023) ★★★★★

Professionalism and complete courtesy towards patients.

Denise L. (01/04/2023) ★★★★★

Dr. R. Allen Blosser and staff were very knowledgeable and friendly.

Gail L. (12/19/2022) ★★★★★

The team has been terrific getting me scheduled and prepared for the procedure.

Audra H. (10/20/2022) ★★★★★

I’m about two weeks into my TORe journey with the EWLCA, but I still have nothing but amazing and positive things to say! From start to finish, the steps and expectations were laid out! The doctors, nurses and administrative staff were always available no matter the day time! I had more of a rough recovery from my procedure, not because they did anything wrong but because everyone recovers differently. When I called and explained how bad things were they immediately called me in meds, brought me back on for fluids and made sure I was ok! I’m 11 days post procedure and I’m down 17lbs! It’s not a snap tour finger type of thing. This is a major lifestyle change. But if you follow the instructions and the diet you will see results! Dr. Blosser and his team know what they are doing!

Maria Angela S. (08/29/22) ★★★★★

My initial consult went well. All my questions were answered. They were very nice and professional.

Millette B. (08/13/22) ★★★★★

Very thorough. Made me feel like I will be very well taken care of!


Are you constantly struggling to lose weight? Are you avoiding social activities or having difficulty performing work functions because of your weight? Do you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more?

Even if you are just 10% over your ideal body weight, your risk of developing major health conditions, such as high cholesterol, hypertension, kidney disease, and certain cancers, increases. In many cases, underlying health factors that may be out of your control, such as genetics or prescription medications that alter your metabolism, could be contributing to your weight gain and making it difficult for you to lose weight. Because of these issues, obesity management is not something you should have to handle alone.

For individuals who are struggling with their energy, weight, and obesity-related health conditions, Endoscopic Wellness Center of America, located in Reston, Virginia, offers a range of endobariatric solutions that can restore your sense of wellness. As a full-service medical wellness facility, the team of board-certified gastroenterologists is known for helping patients jumpstart their weight loss journeys while providing a friendly environment where patients become family. No matter how much weight you have to lose — 10, 20, or even 100 pounds — our dedicated team can help you reach your goals.

The practice offers in-demand FDA-approved, nonsurgical endobariatric treatment options that are less invasive, accompanied by minimal risk and shorter periods of recovery. We take a comprehensive approach to weight loss, to include counseling, wellness, and nutritional education to support patients in achieving their health goals. All weight loss plans are entirely personalized and incorporate cutting-edge research and technology to help patients meet their goals. The team supports patients throughout their journey and teaches them lifestyle changes to ensure they leave feeling happy with long-lasting results.

Endoscopic Wellness Center of America offers flexible scheduling for new and existing patients. The team encourages patients to schedule an evaluation to determine which weight loss solution may be best for their needs 

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